A pay what you can daily soup ensures that all who enters our doors reserve a nourishing meal, regardless of their income level.

Our pay it forward coffee program allows customers to purchase a hot cup of coffee for another community member who might not be able to afford one.

Our hourly employees have starting wages above the industry average, share evenly in the tip pool, and have a wage equivalent to $14-17 per hour including tips. We support the Fight for 15.

Employees that average 30 hours or more per week receive health insurance with 100% employer paid premiums.

Weekly discussion tables (Tuesdays at 12:30) provide a chance to explore life’s big questions and envision a more just society.

Our partner faith communities Eighth Day and Jubilee Church welcome people to join their services, held in our community room.

Care for the Earth
Solar panels on our roof feed back into the grid, while the electricity we draw  is wind-powered (in partnership with Groundswell and Interfaith Power and Light DC MD NoVA).

Our food scraps and coffee grounds are transformed into rich, fertile soil by Fat Worm Compost.

Sensor technology installed in our heating, cooling, and hood ventilation systems helps to reduce our energy consumption by up to 40%.