This Season’s Coffee Offerings


Apollo (Year Round Blend) 100% Wotona Bultuma, Ethiopia

For over 5 years, Apollo has stood for an alternative to the traditional espresso. Always clean and bright, the coffee draws upon citrus and floral notes to bring new and sometimes unexpected flavors out of your every-day latte.

Decaf Espresso

Decaf LaVoz Solola, Guatemala

Overlooking Lake Atitlán, the mountain heights rich with volcanic soil pull out rich chocolate, cherry and graham cracker flavors in this coffee. Counter Culture uses the ecology-friendly (and chemical-free) Swiss Water decaffeination process--so the bold flavors can still remain at the forefront.

Guest Espresso


Check with our counter to see what seasonal coffee we have available on the espresso machine. If you love the espresso drinks we serve, but want to try something different, for an extra fifty cents, you can taste a unique Single-Origin coffee that will change month-to-month.



House Coffee

Cinco de Junio Las Sabanas, Nicaragua

Our House Coffee will always have those traditional chocolate and nutty notes you look for in a cup of joe with just a hint of something new and unpredictable. Look for hints of hazelnut, toffee and crisp apple.

Iced Coffee

Kinyari Embu, Kenya

Iced coffee should be bright, complex, with a great acidity. Kenyan coffees don’t disappoint in this department. Golden raisins, nectarines and tangy green apple pop on the palate when you drink this refreshing coffee.

Pour Over


Check with our counter to see what seasonal coffees we have available on the pour over bar. Often times you can find these and other coffees as our retail offerings as well.