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Tear Gas- Author Talk with Anna Feigenbaum


Tear Gas- Author Talk with Anna Feignenbaum

Join us for an evening with author Anna Feigenbaum as she discusses her new book, Tear Gas: From the Battlefields of WWI to the Streets of Today, out now from Verso Books! An engrossing century-spanning narrative, Tear Gas is the first history of this weapon, and takes us from military labs and chemical weapons expos to union assemblies and protest camps, drawing on declassified reports and witness testimonies to show how policing with poison came to be. From the Bonus Army encampment of depression era America, to riots of 1968, to the disrupt J20 protests, learn how riot control has shaped D.C.'s political history. Anna will be joined by activists working on issues of policing and protest including Olivia Cappello of D.C. Legal Posse and Defend J20. It's sure to be a robust and engrossing evening. All welcome, please come! 

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