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The Third Migration: Author Talk with Theodore Fuller


The Third Migration: Author Talk with Theodore Fuller

Come hear Theodore Fuller speak about his latest book- The Third Migration: African Americans in Paris. He will be accompanied by special guest, Patrick Gusman, a man who moved to Paris in the Third Migration.

African Americans have a rich history of human migration starting with the Middle Passage. They were violently separated from their homeland in Africa and brought to the southern coast of the United States and through their tireless efforts this country became one of the richest economies in the world through cotton production as well as the construction of historic institutions such as the White House. Around World War I, they made the transition from the agricultural South to the industrial North. This was called the Great Migration. However, their dreams turned into nightmares. In the North, they endured substandard living conditions, violent hate crimes and oppressive Jim Crow Laws. During the Great Migration a unique group of African Americans journeyed to Paris. They included adventurers, writers, activists, unsung heroes, and artists. This book seeks to document the experiences of each migration period and link them with respect to motives and outcome experiences.

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