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Around Switzerland in 80 Maps-Author Talk with Diccon Bewes

Around Switzerland in 80 Maps-Author Talk with Diccon Bewes

Please join us for a remarkable journey through Switzerland! Around Switzerland in 80 Maps is the latest book by Switzerland-based British author Diccon Bewes. 

A map can be decorative or informative, or both; it can reveal geography or history, or both. In fact, it is the perfect pictorial way to explain and entertain. Together, the maps in the book achieve both while giving a detailed picture of Switzerland. Around Switzerland in 80 Maps collects 80 maps contemporary to the eras they portray, rather than drawn for the book. Hand-painted or computer-generated, medieval or modern, city or country, each map has been chosen for a particular reason, be that an important moment in Swiss history or an interesting aspect of Swiss life. Or because it’s simply beautiful. Through these maps we chart the development of Switzerland over the centuries. But it isn’t a book with 80 maps of Switzerland, as many of them don’t cover the whole country; it also isn’t a book of 80 Swiss maps, though most are Swiss in origin.

Diccon Bewes will guide you through some of these maps with stories, anecdotes and fun facts about Switzerland, its towns and villages, Swiss products, people, history . . . and cows, of course.

The talk will be followed by a light reception.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland