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The Potter’s House is a cafe, bookstore and community space. We provide radical hospitality to The Adams Morgan and surrounding neighborhoods, offering food, a bookstore, a place for art, programs, and meeting space. Since opening our doors in 1960 we have been a key place for deeper conversation, creative expression, and community transformation. In our rapidly changing city - one in which development so often means displacement – the mission of the Potter's House is to provide a deeply rooted space where we can build relationships across our differences, envision just alternatives, and grow the movements that will make them possible. The Potter’s House was started by Church of the Saviour, an ecumenical church welcoming all
who are on a spiritual journey, and which encourages people to live out their faith intentionally.  The Potter’s House continues to be supported and nurtured by the Eighth Day Church, one of the sister communities of Church of the Saviour. For more information about this rich heritage, please visit www.pottershousedc.org.

Summary of the Executive Director Position
The Executive Director of the Potter’s House functions as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. In this capacity, the Executive Director is responsible for implementation of policies set by the Steering Committee, as well as annual goals and objectives of the organization. The Steering Committee provides guidance, direction and overall oversight of the Executive Director. The Executive Director shall act as the duly authorized representative of the Committee in all matters except those in which the Committee has formally designated some other person or group to act.

Essential responsibilities and duties include the following, with other duties as assigned:

Steering Committee Functions
Within the policy framework established by the Steering Committee, the Executive Director will establish procedures to carry out Committee policies and take all actions necessary to carry out the Potter’s House mission. The Executive Director supports the administration of the Committee by advising and informing Committee members of the conditions of the Potter’s House, interfacing between Committee and staff members to provide support to committees, and working with the Steering Committee to implement activities that will assure funding adequacy and financial stability.

Fiscal Sustainability
A key part of the Executive Director’s position is to create a fiscally sustainable Potter’s House. This may involve exploring new revenue generating aspects of the operation as well as evaluating the continued availability of external funding sources. The Executive Director oversees bookkeeping and auditing and other administrative tasks relating to finance. This includes many HR functions, such as payroll and health benefits. He or she also is responsible for the development of annual operating budgets for submission to the Steering Committee and proposes budget revisions as necessary.

The Executive Director is expected to be successful in influencing and accessing federal, state and local funding sources, as well as in raising funds from foundations, faith communities, corporations and individual donors. The Steering Committee will continue to partner in fundraising efforts, but the Executive Director is expected to develop an overall financial strategy and fundraising plan and to take the lead in implementing this plan.

Program Development and Oversight
The Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of the Potter’s House operations. There are currently four areas of activity, each with revenue generating potential: the café, the bookstore, programs and space rental. Working with staff managers, the Executive Director will develop strategies to ensure that each program supports the overall mission of the Potter’s House while also financially viable.

Marketing & Communication
The Executive Director will work with staff to develop and implement an aggressive marketing plan consistent with the mission of the Potter’s House. He or she, in collaboration with the staff and Steering Committee, will create and promote the Potter’s House message and mission to the community-at-large. The Executive Director is expected to maintain and extend relationships and collaborations with other public and private organizations, including faith communities, to enhance program outreach and community visibility.

Chief Executive Officer
As the Chief Executive Officer of the Potter’s House, the Executive Director is responsible for the overall leadership of staff in the development and implementation of short and long-range plans. He or she will have oversight of all policies, organizational programs, services and functions of the Potter’s House. The Executive Director reports to the Steering Committee which provides oversight and evaluation of this individual. The Executive Director is expected to be  knowledgeable about best business practices in the areas of finance, procurement, program and
personnel management. He or she will conduct periodic reviews of the Potter’s House’s comprehensive programs and evaluate the progress toward achieving organizational goals and objectives. The Executive Director will conduct monthly and a year-end evaluation of the data collected for each program and approve reports that properly reflect the results and milestones achieved. The Executive Director should ensure that the integrity of the processes used to collect and report program data to the Potter’s House funders is protected.

• Values in alignment with the mission and values of the Potter’s House.
• Proven ability to establish and nurture partnerships with diverse groups and communities to build political power for racial economic and social justice.

• Experienced as a successful leader in a senior level position of a non-profit organization.  Five years of experience as a non-profit executive director and experience in other leadership positions is strongly preferred.
• Proven and sustained track record in raising large sums of money from individual donors, foundations and corporations. 
• Experience in developing and managing fundable outward facing partnerships and
community minded programs that advanced the mission of a nonprofit and its capacity to raise revenue, achieve pre-determined outreach outcomes and expand its marketability.
For-profit experience, to include P&L responsibility, strongly preferred. Experience in
hospitality or retail also highly desirable.
• Demonstrated ability to guide, manage and motivate staff. 
• Demonstrated ability to conduct program evaluations. 
• Excellent presentation, oral and written communication skills. 
• Fluency or proficiency in conversational Spanish preferred

In addition to your resume, please send a cover letter stating how your experience and
qualifications make you a good candidate, including how you have lived out your personal mission and values in organizations in which you have worked in the past. Please also indicate your salary requirements.  Send to: info@pottershousedc.org

The Potter's House is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as an individual with a  disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.
The Potter’s House is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-PH Team