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Christ on the Psych Ward- Author Talk with David Finnegan-Hosey

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Christ on the Psych Ward

When a mental health crisis led David Finnegan-Hosey to admit himself into a hospital, he found himself wrestling not only with a newly diagnosed mental illness but also with his faith. Christ on the Psych Ward weaves together personal testimony, theological reflection, and practical ministry experience to offer a message of hope for those living with mental illnes, nd for friends and faith communities committed to caring for and learning from them. His journey of recovery and healing reveals the need for a theological understanding of a vulnerable God, important not only in ministering to those with mental health struggles, but also in offering a hopeful vision of what it means to be the Church.

David Finnegan-Hosey olds an .Div from Wesley Theological Seminar and currently serves as a chaplain-in-residence at Georgetown University, having previously worked with campus ministries at American University and the University of Hawaii. He is certified by Mental Health First Aid USA to provide initial help to people experiencing depression, anxiety, psychosis, and substance use disorders. In 2011, David was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a series of psychiatric hospitalizations. He now speaks and writes about the intersections among mental illness, mental health, and faith. You can learn more at

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