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Introduction to Healing Justice with Richael Faithful

Healing justice is gaining recognition as a necessary part of anti-oppression work. Long-time Black feminist organizer, Cara Page, defines healing justice as “a framework that identifies how we can holistically respond to and intervene on generational trauma and violence and bring collective practices that impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts and minds. Through this framework, we built two political and philosophical convergences of healing inside of liberation.”  

Healing justice, as a philosophically-grounded political orientation, intends to prepare, support, and maintain the well-being and wholeness of justice movement ecosystems. It is the “healing inside liberation” that makes the prospect of liberation for all of us even possible. 

This introductory workshop will use a popular education model, through the tools of multimedia, breakout groups, and interactive graphic recording, to form a foundational understanding of the healing justice framework.

Earlier Event: October 3
Jubilee Church
Later Event: October 8
Jubilee Jobs Orientation