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Courageous Civility - Building Bridges Across Our Divides

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Join us every third Monday of the month (Starting October 15), from 6:30 – 8 pm at Potter’s House in Adam’s Morgan, Washington DC to discuss and practice the concepts of COURAGEOUS CIVILITY.

This event is open to all who are interested, regardless of beliefs or political affiliation. Tell all your friends! Drop in for one event, or come on a regular basis.

Our current political and social climate has made it clear that it is more challenging to have civil, respectful discourse and that we’ve stopped listening to one another, particularly to those who hold different views. Many of us know that this needs to shift in order to create lasting change, yet we don’t seem to know how or where to begin.

This meet-up is for those who are looking to:
• break the polarity of our current political and social climate
• find internal practices to cultivate more resilience and inner peace
• step into more authentic ways to express personal power
• gain support from others who share similar values
• develop the courage and skills to advocate for a work, social and political environment that is in alignment with values of civility, respect, equality for all and compassion.

This regular meet up will be lead by Joe Weston - international trainer, coach, author and advocate for peace. He will share concepts and practices from his book Mastering Respectful Confrontation, as well as create the space for respectful dialogue amongst those present in order to explore ways to sort through some of the confusion of our time and also take these concepts into action.

To register:

You can learn more about Joe Weston's work at his website: