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Be Humble: A Healing Salon

Be Humble: A Healing Salon

Be Humble: A Healing Salon is an experience designed for insightful, intellectual, and inspired talk about social justice community peculiarities & intervention strategies. This salon invites you into a curated conversation about the intersections of ego, self-care, and social media, and how we intentionally embody radical living. 

The salon will use a Medium essay, Be Humble, written by facilitator, Richael Faithful, as its conversation anchor. Come around for this healing justice culture project! $5 suggested donation.


Richael Faithful (they/them/theirs) is a multi-disciplinary folk healer and spiritual activist rooted in the Black tradition of conjure. They were born in Washington DC and raised in Virginia, with a strong affinity to their southern family line in Georgia, Alabama and Texas.

Faithful supports national and local activists of all backgrounds, particularly leaders in the Movement for Black Lives. They are known for creating spaces to help activist identify and process trauma and invest into healing justice movements.

Their work has been featured in national publications, including in Colorlines, The Root, Everyday Feminism, Huff Post, among others. They also publish their own words in several books and law review articles.

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