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Turn Poison into Medicine: Self-Care Alchemy for Difficult Times


Turn Poison into Medicine: Self-Care Alchemy for Difficult Times

Do you feel energized in your body?
Do you feel in rhythm with clarity and direction?
Do you feel that your movement-building is life-affirming?
Do you feel well-supported?
Do you find sources of hope in your every day?

We are thinking about these questions and you may be, too. Let’s design some answers together. Join the Oxalis Collective for our first, public live event!

So many of us have been struggling, deeply, in these challenging times. Political, environmental and social crises abound. When it’s hard to find a day without more bad news, when more and more urgent community needs require our attention, and when there seem to be more uphill battles to realize our collective vision. But, we must find a way forward. So much depends on it.

In this workspace we’ll share lessons of how to turn poison--stress, trauma, fear--into the medicine we need to sustain ourselves. It’s an alchemy of sorts, to take what the environment is offering up and transform it into the life-saving practices that will help us endure the marathon that is social justice work.

If your care supports aren’t as radically brilliant as your politics, or if you just need a healing anchor, come co-create with us as we use embodiment practices, ritual-making, and plant medicine for our collective self-care alchemy.

We intend to share practical healing tools to help you inventory, regenerate, and sustain ahead of winter and another year in this world. Even during difficult times, it’s always possible to shape the ecosystems that are closest to you, including your own.

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The event is offered with Sliding Scale Options:

Sliding Scale - $20-40
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