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Nina the Neighborhood Ninja- Storytime with Sonia Panigrahy

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Nina the Neighborhood Ninja- Children's Book Event with Sonia Panigrahy

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja is a creative and take-charge kind of little girl who possesses all of these amazing qualities. Fiona the Firefly is her loyal and trusty sidekick. Through teamwork and bravery, Nina and Fiona spend a typical day boldly rescuing animals in trouble: a baby bird fallen from its nest, a cat left out in the rain, and — just when Nina thinks her work is done — she’s called to action again!

Through a narrative and interactive questions, young readers are encourage to recognize that the traits of being smart, strong and speedy exist within themselves. Young girls will find this book to be a positive affirmation that they too can be superheroes. Young boys will learn to see girls for what they are capable of achieving- the same things for which they are capable.

Written by Sonia Panigrahy and illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla, this uplifting book offers a lesson to children: being a superhero has no bias in gender or race. Nina the Neighborhood Ninja provides a positive portrayal of little girls as both smart and strong while emphasizing the importance of kindness and teamwork.

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