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Aftershock- Author Talk with John Feffer

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Aftershock- Author Talk with John Feffer

A quarter of a century after the fall of communism, novelist and journalist John Feffer returned to Eastern Europe to track down the hundreds of people he spoke to in the initial atmosphere of optimism as the Iron Curtain fell. Aftershock is the sensational account of that journey. Revealing the broken dreams of a remarkable cast of characters, this is the epic story of a region that against great odds is still fighting for a brighter future. "John Feffer brings to this story a traveller’s eye, a rich store of experiences, and a wise perspective," writes Adam Hochschild, author of Spain in our Hearts and King Leopold’s Ghost. "His thoughtful book is a reminder that few nations, anywhere, easily throw off the heritage of tyranny." 

John Feffer is the author of the novel Splinterlands, several books of non-fiction, and a half-dozen one-man shows.

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