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Author Talk with Milagros Phillips

8 Essentials to a Race Conversation - Author Talk with Milagros Phillips

Race is a difficult topic for Americans to have a conversation about. We talk a great deal about race, but compassionate conversations that heal us and that lead to inspired action are not always available. In her new book, Milagros Phillips, author of 11 REASONS TO BECOME RACE LITERATE: A pocket guide to a new conversation, leads her readers through 8 essential components of a successful conversation on race. Her thoughtful new work brings together the strategies she has used successfully during her 25 years of leading race conversations with corporate leaders, educators, and national leaders.

11 Reasons to Become Race Literate

Race literacy changes everything. It changes the way we view ourselves and our nation. Race literacy gives us the proper context in which to ground our conversations on Race. It touches our heart, and leaves us free to have healthier relationships, and greater compassion for self and other. We don’t know what we don’t know, but if we open ourselves up to new possibilities, everything changes. Written to be read in under an hour, this book is meant to spark thoughts and conversations leading to new ways of being. Starting with REASON 1 - Relieve Stress and Fragility; through REASON 5 - What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us; and on to REASON 11 - It Sets Us Free, 11 REASONS TO BECOME RACE LITERATE: A Pocket guide to a new conversation, leads its readers through a journey and a rediscovery of ourselves, our communities, and our nation. This book is for those who find it uncomfortable to have a conversation about race and who could benefit from more information on the subject.

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