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They Shut it Down, We Take it Over: Worker Control as a Response to Crisis

Join us for a live video conference with the workers of Madygraf factory in Argentina!

The Madygraf plant is a worker-controlled printing plant located in the industrial zone of Greater Buenos Aires. In the past, it was operated by U.S. multinational corporation, RR Donnelley, which has factories in over 50 countries. In one swoop, the company shut down the factory last August 2014, pushing 400 workers out onto the streets. With the slogan, "Familias en la calle nunca mas!"/"No more families in the streets!" Madygraf workers broke down the doors and took control of the factory. It has been under worker control ever since, with a recent campaign to produce free notebooks for working-class children and youth throughout the province. August 12, marks MadyGraf factory’s one-year anniversary under worker management.

These events follow many years of militant organizing by the workers, some of whom are members of the Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas (PTS). Before and after they occupied the factory, they took over the shop-floor committee and displaced the union bureaucracy; they have fought side-by-side with other workers, ie: in solidarity with Lear workers; they have joined roadblocks; and united with women in the fight against feminicide and gender oppression.