Art Between Us: All-women's event, all-women audience

Art Between Us

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This event is part of the Gender + Justice Events Series: Through films, discussions & author talks, this series seeks to center a feminist lens on the shared perspectives, experiences and voices of women in social movements.

“Art Between Us” is the DMV's quarterly all-women’s event for an all-women audience. (All persons who identify as women are welcome!) In an effort to create safe spaces for ladies from marginalized arts communities, “Art Between Us” aims to encourage creativity, develop sisterhood within the arts, and build a support network for women and girls of all backgrounds to connect with each other over artistic expression and celebrate our diverse voices and experiences in a space that's just for us. 

$5 @ the door
[the performance list is closed, but we MAY have time for on-the-spot sign-ups if you're tryna rock the mic!)

Open Mic sign-up & Mingling 5:00pm – 5:45pm
Open Mic* 5:45pm – 7:40pm

To respect the privacy of the performers and the safety of the space, we ask that there be absolutely no video or audio recording of any kind at this event. No men-identifying folks will be permitted in the space during the event. 

SUPER big shout out to the Potter's House community for partnering with us to make this happen! If you'd like more info or would like to be considered as a feature for future events, please email Lauren at!